Moving Projects Forward

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Why do so many professionalsay they are project managing, when what they are really doing is firefighting? 
At Point Blanck Consulting we move projects forward with proper planning and exceptional execution techniques.

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Online Project Management Courses

Learn practical, useful knowledge on  Project Management methodologies, tools, and processes that you can immediately use to improve your Project Management abilities
Step-by-step best practice instructions for core Project Management activities (e.g. Schedule Building, Project Team Reviews, etc.)

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Moving Projects Forward

Let Point Blanck Consulting move your projects to success.

25 years experience

Proven Project Management Techniques

"If you don't know where you are going.
How can you expect to get there?"
~ Basil S. Walsh


At Point Blanck Consulting we are committed to your success.  Most unsuccessful projects are rooted in incomplete planning.  Our approach is to provide the right level of planning.  We use a simple process to show you how to capture the initial scope of a project which gives it a huge chance of success.