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  1. Keeping my mind fresh - Part 3
    24 Mar, 2016
    Keeping my mind fresh - Part 3
    My second app was just approved by Apple today.  This time around it was a much bigger project and hopefully and much more interesting and fun app.   The app is called !Bang.  It is a social app where you can create and vote on topics from the community.  Check it out here (it’s free!)
  2. Keeping my mind fresh - Part 2
    22 Jan, 2016
    Keeping my mind fresh - Part 2
    It's been two months of learning and programming to get to this point and my first App was approved by Apple today!  After going through the process I can really appreciate all the hard work that goes into developing Apps. A very simple time waster tracker.  Check it out for free on the App store:  View on App Store Thanks again to the guys at for the great training!
  3. Keeping my mind fresh.
    06 Nov, 2015
    Keeping my mind fresh.
    I have tinkered with iOS development in the past. Now that I have a little more time on my hands while I am looking for my next career opportunity I am going take an online course in iOS development .  Thanks to the guys at I will be learning how to make great iOS apps!