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  1. TisM Productivity App
    TisM Productivity App
    Does your company waste a lot of time with inefficient meetings? Are people distracted by emails, phone calls and texts? Do people show up late or leave early in meetings or other places where a team is needed? TisM can help you log these events and use this information to improve your company. Keep track of time wasters at work or home. Use TisM to justify investments in new computers, conducting better meetings, and being more efficient. TisM is a simple App that will keep track of the time, calculate the cost of various time wasters, and keep them in a log for you. Stop wasting time, start using TisM. Get it on the AppStore Today
  2. !Bang Social App
    !Bang Social App
    !Bang is a new and exciting social app where the community votes on current topics created by its own members. - Vote on current topics created by other community members. - See what the trending opinion is on each topic. - Create your own customizable !Bang topics - Invite your friends to join the community - Create, vote and follow each others topics. - See if you can create popular !Bangs and get to the top of the leaderboard. Get it on the AppStore Today

Good to Great Project Management

 Practical, useful knowledge on various Project Management methodologies, tools, and processes that you can immediately use to improve your Project Management abilities

Step-by-step best practice instructions for core Project Management activities (e.g. Schedule Building, Project Team Reviews, etc.)

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